Digital signage for airports
Digital Signage for airports is not new, in fact, it seems like it was always there, even before it was really fully digitized, I still remember as a kid watching the flipping cards (I liked the noise) showing the arrivals and departures.

Digital Signage for airports and other transportation hubs was naturally among the first and most popular usage of this technology, from its starting point.

But Digital Signage nowadays can be implemented in so many additional and different ways, providing so much more than simple information about incoming and outgoing flights. I believe that these days, when we finally witness (thank God/Pfizer/Moderna) the comeback to travel, after the super long and annoying “COVID travel break”, it is the right time to harness the technology to support the needs in airports, post the pandemic.

Apart from the usual airport information, digital signage can be used for implementing way finding and dynamic directions, by that, avoiding congestion in hallways and queues.

Security, health and safety instruction, relevant to the location, can be easily presented and dynamically changed. The Audience Measurement capabilities, using IoT and Smart Camera can be used as an auxiliary tool for preventing crowded areas.

In the commercial areas and duty free stores, the classical digital signage used for menu boards, promotions and marketing, combined with shelf screens in the retail store can be added with additional capabilities like “traffic light” for preventing in-store congestion, according to the health regulations.

Digital Signage new capabilities are here, responding fast to the post-COVID needs. Combined with the traditional functionalities, it can become an important tool for airport to be used for what we all anxiously waiting for – the return of packed airports!