Digital signage for senior living

Use Senior Living Digital Signage improve the way you communicate with residents and visitors!

Digital Signage for Senior Living Homes is a great way to share information. You can use senior home digital signage to keep your residents up-to-date on upcoming new activities, group events, weekly or daily menu items, schedules, welcome new guests, and more.

With digital signage for retirement homes, your management team can create easy-to-read, highly visible screens. Using Retirement community digital signage, you can pre-schedule your messages to play on specific days, set expiration dates, and more. This makes it easier to quickly schedule and share your most important notifications at precisely the right time!

Using Digital Signage for Assisted Living, you can display:

  • Daily program and activity listings
  • Chapel service times
  • On-premise beautician and salon services
  • Transportation shuttle times
  • Daily digital menu board listings
  • Warm holiday greetings and messages
  • Local news and weather

How Can Digital Signage be Used in Retirement Home Facilities

Digital signage in senior care facilities enhances communication, resident involvement, and quality of life while boosting operational efficiency.

Dissemination of Knowledge

Post vital information like activity calendars, menus, building upgrades, and upcoming events. It guarantees that all necessary information is presented in an attractive and readily legible way for residents and staff.

Facility Wayfinding

Digital signage in assisted living homes aids residents in navigating the facility by providing interactive maps and directions. This makes the building easier for residents and guests to navigate, simplifying locating desired rooms, services, and common areas.

Resident Birthdays

Greetings, birthday wishes, and announcements can all be tailored to specific residents or groups of residents with the help of this feature. As a result, locals will feel more connected to one another and appreciated.

Health Awareness

Show health-related content, including workout plans, dietary advice, and prescription reminders. In this way, we hope to inspire locals to make positive changes to their diet and level of physical activity.


Show exciting things like the latest news, interesting trivia, challenging puzzles, accurate weather reports, and fun things to do. Residents’ boredom is alleviated, and a thriving community spirit is promoted thanks to various available activities.

Facility Evacuation

Important safety instructions, evacuation routes, or alerts can be broadcast instantly to residents and employees via digital signs in an emergency. This guarantees that vital information is disseminated quickly and effectively, boosting security and general preparedness.


Increase funding for senior retirement centers by connecting them with local businesses interested in advertising or sponsoring residents. In addition, facilities can use the signage to promote new fundraising events for their residents and guests that visit.

Internal Communications

Disseminate information to employees, including but not limited to shift changes, new training materials, policy reminders, and other company-wide updates. As a result, staff members can better keep each other informed and connected.

An Information Hub

Use digital signage for senior living to better communicate with your residents. Adding a screen in your lobby, gathering and dining areas, and other high-traffic locations allows you to reach your residents with relevant notifications consistently.

By making it easier to access on-demand information, you will improve your resident experience. Using senior living digital signage, you can wirelessly update a single screen at a time or send group updates.

HD Videos, Slideshows and Images

Incorporate any combination of media in the layout of the screen. You can set the file’s play duration times, making it easy on the eyes. With digital signage for senior living, you can incorporate slideshows, videos, images, and other media into the screen layout.

You can also set the play duration time, making it easy on the eyes. This flexibility makes your ability to share information flexible and dynamic.

How does Digital Signage at Senior Centers Function?

In retirement communities, digital signage is increasingly used to disseminate information and entertainment to residents, guests, and employees. The following is a high-level explanation of how digital signage is used in senior living communities:


Hardware components like digital screens and displays are at the heart of the infrastructure. Displays can range in size from those seen in guest rooms and common spaces to those found in lobbies, breakrooms, and recreation rooms. The screens receive information from an external source, such as a computer or media player.

Producing New Material

Retirement communities produce or source exciting and useful digital material for their residents. Examples include schedules, menus, notices, health advice, headlines, and social media feeds. The facility’s staff or outside content creators can generate the content.

Software for Controlling Content

A digital signage software platform for retirement centers organizes and modifies what’s shown on the screens. Content can be scheduled, managed, updated, or altered remotely by facility administrators or designated staff using this program.

Dissemination of Material

The screens receive their material from a central server connected to a network via wired or wireless connections in a senior living digital sign solution. Some displays may already have built-in media players, allowing them to stream video from a nearby computer or the internet. The screens could also be linked to a central media player or server that manages the flow of content.

Automation and Timetables

The facility administrators can schedule content to be presented at predetermined times and dates. They can set up daily or weekly content rotations to give residents fresh knowledge and break up the monotony. Using automation tools, content can be triggered automatically based on predetermined conditions, such as the occurrence of a safety issue.

Analytics and Monitoring

Monitoring and analytic features are commonly included in retirement center digital signage systems. Content performance, screen health, network connectivity, and usage data may all be monitored and analyzed by facility management. Using this information, we can better determine where and how to distribute content for maximum effectiveness.

Digital Signage for Senior Living

With NoviSign you can easily and quickly create and manage digital signage for senior living. From any computer, at any time you can use NoviSign’s cloud-based digital signage software to update your content then send to the screens.

NoviSign includes a library of customizable templates that you can use to start with. You can edit the layout using the included drag-and-drop widgets to add media zones with the drag-and-drop widgets to add media slideshows, local news headlines and reports, stock tickers, weather forecasts, HD videos, images and more.

Also, you can pre-schedule your templates and content to play on recurring date and times, set expiration times. After sending your content to the screen, you can then remotely check its status and if the screen is connected and playing the content.

NoviSign’s software runs on Android, Windows and Chrome OS media players. You can also purchase an Android TV and install our app on the TV for free. This setup is easy and cost-effective.


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