Retail digital signageIt is very hard for any business to keep itself “open for business” 24/7. For small businesses it is not even possible, the costs are too high and the efficiency during the non-business hours is marginal. But the margins are the name of the game… We do not want to lose these potential margins; the business wants to at the very least keep them as potential customers. So how can one extend the business hour with no additional cost at the business location?

Digital Signage is one of the best ways to keep your business running and keeps communicating to potential customers! People are walking on the street and inside malls/commercial centers even after business hours, since we have Coffee shops, restaurants, bars and Cinemas still open (Back in the days, before Covid-19, hope you still remember – but is on the way back!). Digital Signage can still attract attention, tell the visitors nearby what is new in your business, raise awareness for sales and promotions and even hand out digital coupons – at no additional salaries and other operational costs!

Fashion and shoes, bakeries and Chocolate shops, Electronic and Toy stores are merely a simple examples of businesses that can harness the power of Digital Signage and allow the pedestrians nearby to get a quick glance of what your business is all about and what you are trying to promote in order to use this information during the business hours.

Businesses tend to spend great effort (and expenses) to keep their display window appealing at all times, Digital Signage can be perceived as the dynamic extension of the main window display of the store/business. Digital Signage is not static and by nature can create much more accurate engagement with the potential customers than the static display (super important on its own!).