What is retail digital signage?

In a world of fast-moving people and every evolving technologies, today’s consumers have come to except technology being part of their shopping experiences. From mobile apps that make it easier to shop and track orders to self-service interactive kiosks, retail digital signage has taken the lead in creating immersive experiences that are unique and memorable.

With mobile phones and apps taking over the world consumers automatically look towards using touchscreen devices that emulate the behavior of apps and service.

Experiential Driven Interactive Kiosks

How many times have you walked into a store a need the answer to quick customer service related questions? Or needed directions to a specific department? These are two examples of a need that can significantly impact a consumer’s experience if say they are in a rush or impatient.  

Now imagine going into an establishment and being welcomed by a sleek touch screen kiosk. On the kiosk can be a series of informational buttons that when touched take you to a subpage of content. Using retail digital signage and interactive kiosks users can display:

  • Promotions and advertisements
  • Bill payment portals
  • Wayfinding directions
  • Customer loyalty email sign-up page
  • New product information and videos

Trackable Metrics and Reports

Getting your information front and center to customers is the first half of interactive kiosks. By monitoring what buttons are being touched and the kiosk user dwell times you can make content improvements to not only the interactive kiosks layout but to your store’s overall marketing strategy.

Let’s say for example you have three buttons on your interactive kiosks home page; Sales, Customer Loyalty and FAQ. When running activity reports you notice that the FAQ button is selected 3X more than any other button.

Why? Well, for starters your customers have questions and are looking for answers. What actionable items could you do to make it easier for your customers to receive answers fast? Maybe add an FAQ section to your website and mobile app? Or maybe add a customer service greeter to the front lobby welcoming customers and asking if they need assistance?

By better understanding your customers and what’s important to them you can take actions to improve. When adding an interactive kiosk to your store and tracking the usage you are getting an in-depth understanding of what your customers are looking for and what’s most important to them while they are shopping in your store.

Partnering with Industry Specialists – Palmer Retail Solutions

Palmer Retail Solutions custom designs and manufactures store fixture, retail brand displays and interactive displays. From free standing point of purchase kiosks to safe and secure tabletop touchscreen floor displays, Palmer has a complete team of designers and engineers that can partner with NoviSign Digital Signage to design and build an effective retail interactive display system!

Palmer Retail Solutions has been designing and manufacturing custom retail store displays since 1990.  They work closely with clients to create innovative retail store interior solutions that are unique and of high-quality.  Palmer Retail Solutions specializes in manufacturing a variety of items for retail such as mall kiosks, store cash wraps, point of purchase displays, retail LED lighting displays, endcaps, showcase solutions and more.