Building digital directories

Learn how you can deploy a digital directory system that is effective and easy-to-use!

Digital Directories: Highly-Effective Way To Providing Your Patrons with Wayfinding Directions and Information

Building directories are an essential part of creating an enjoyable, welcoming experience. However, all too often property managers scrap to keep their directory listing current, clean and striking. Aside from this updating, a traditional directory cost money per new listing and time.

Those dilemmas are why today building are switching to digital directories. The value and benefits that a digital directory brings you include:

  1. Save money: update your listings, images and other information using your computer
  2. Display relevant information: share business hours, information about tenants and building maps
  3. Customize: share messages to fit your buildings audience, the day of the week and holiday session
  4. Modernize: share weather, traffic, news, social media streams, YouTube videos


The Ultimate Wayfinding Tool

Use a digital directory to provide directional and navigational assistance to your buildings visitors in a  clear and visually appealing manner.

Here are 8 popular ways that you can use a digital directory system:

  1. Showcase personalized messages that welcome visitors and guests
  2. List building tenants and include their company logo to for enhanced branding
  3. Display essential building notices and hours of operation
  4. Add emergency evacuation maps and plans
  5. Promote upcoming leasing opportunities and vacancies
  6. Sell ad space to local area businesses or tenants to increase revenue
  7. List the property manager and building maintenance contact information
  8. Share area traffic reports, custom text tickers and building image


If used correctly a digital directory is dynamic. This means from any computer at any time, you can easily and quickly update the digital directory listings and other content. Within two minutes of making an update the new digital directory tenant listing, image, text, video or change will wirelessly update the sign.

You can also preschedule digital directory updates to automically occur on specifc dates and times. If you have a new tenant moving in next month, you can make digital directory tenant change weeks in advance then schedule the update to occur on on the day that your tenant moves in. You can also prescheudule a welcome message on the digital directory welcoming your new tenant!


A Free Digital Directory Software Trial

NoviSign’s Digital Signage Software for digital directories is the industries easiest to use the platform. Your property managers can easily edit and customize a digital directory template that is included. Simply select the digital directory template of your choice, add your tenants, customize images, colors and text and you are done.

Take advantage of all these features:

  • Easy to use and updates
  • Update multiple digital directory systems from one central location
  • Over 20+ drag and drop widgets such as Twitter, Slide Shows, News, Weather, Images, Facebook, YouTube, Videos, RSS Feeds, Clock
  • Supports multi-users, share digital directory templates, user controls and permissions
  • Includes advanced scheduling, reports dashboard and device monitoring

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