The Municipalities are looking for ways to communicate with their residents; Millions are wasted on Billboards, signs, fliers, stickers and so on. Workers with cars are sent to update these static signs, papers are wasted, fuel is burnt and as mentioned, significant portion of your City taxes are spent for talking to – well, you ….

Internet! what a great invention! Indeed the City web site is a truly efficient way to communicated to the real city owners – the residents. It is low cost, highly dynamic, informative and you know what? it allows comfortable way for charging taxes, and ‘running’ other errands that we used to do physically just in the near past. You know what, the people can even talk to you back…

So we established that the use of Internet is really great, but how many of us really go into the City web site to get updated? We rarely do it, and if at all it is to pay the bills. Have you thought about Digital Signage?

Digital Signage is not new, but in its new shape, Digital Signage harnesses the power of internet, and pulls it it out from the PC in your study, into the street, City Hall, Community Center or wherever you are!

Digital Signage presents some of the advantages the City Web Site allows you (Dynamic, informative, reasonable cost), BUT, and it is a big but, it s focused and addresses to captive audience which is already in side some Municipal premise.

Just Imagine the power of few screens in the waiting hall of the ‘waiting hall’ of the community center were your kids spend their time if the endless classes. You can present the coming events, send Christmas blessings, inform about a new opening of exhibition, Promote new service along with a nice 20 second movie of one of the kids scoring a goal against a school from the near city (your sworn sport enemy!, imagine the impact on the kid and his friends!). This is the power of Digital Signage.

And you know what – in the near future Digital Signage will allow the City’s residents to talk back! Yes, through Digital Signage. Stay tuned.

So, next time you are elected to mayor, you should seriously consider implementing Digital Signage.