Digital signage for government buildings

Digital Signage for Government Facilities

Improve Visitor Experiences and Better Communicate With Government Employees

Enhanced Communication

Government digital signage allows institutes and branches of the federal, states, and local layers of the government to better communicate better both internally and externally with the public.

Digital signage for government facilities enhances and increases your ability to share announcements and commutations in government facilities, public offices police and fire departments, municipal courts, housing service departments, townships and more. Using Digital Signage for Government users can:

  • Broadcast notices, guidelines and protocols for particular institutes/branches
  • Inform the public on new initiates, laws, events and notifications
  • Share event schedules and calendars of upcoming meetings and deadlines
  • Display emergency notifications and weather alerts
  • Digital directories for building wayfinding assistance
  • Courtroom docket listings and hearing information

Operational Government Digital Signage

Digital signage for government buildings makes the process of sharing imperative communications easy and current. When using digital signage for government agencies will be able to update and distribute daily notifications more effectively. This streamlines day-to-day operations leading to better-informed staff. Additional ways you can use government digital signage include:

  • Show FAQs and added pertinent news to streamline the way information is shared
  • Share news about programs, social services and civic services
  • List employment opportunities and job fair times
  • Display information on licenses, permits and taxes
  • Spotlight neighborhoods, festivals, events and farmers markets

A Smarter Way to Communicate

Having a reliable internal communications infrastructure is vital for any government institution or agency. For more information on digital signage for county governments please click this link. From crisis alerts to public safety updates to spotlighting information on community events, government digital signage is an easy and practical approach towards sharing information quicker. Use digital signage for government to:

  • Display disaster recovery information and efforts
  • Add your departments live Twitter, Facebook and account
  • Broadcast essential crime alerts and neighborhood crime watch news
  • Display internal notifications and bulletins
  • Share custom ticker of government-related public news


About NoviSign

Benefits of the NoviSign’s digital signage software for government digital signage include:

NoviSign offers full support and training. From one on one webinar sessions to our online quick start guide, we guarantee a quick and easy setup of your government digital signage.

We offer exclusive discounts for government and do not charge setup fees. Our pricing starts at $20.00 per month per display, and our digital signage government runs on Chrome OS, Android and Windows media players.

Do you have questions about government digital signage or need a quote?

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