Native Android Player Version 3.1.1-4 Release Notes:

  • Smooth transitions between images.
  • Configurable MP4 video transitions mode.
  • Configurable cache cleaning.
  • Configurable media downloading options.
  • Configurable background color for the screen.
  • Resume to last played creative in a playlist (in case it stops from any reason).
  • Resume to last played widget in a slideshow (this way you’ll be able to watch the whole content of the slideshow widget, even if the slide duration is too short).
  • Fixed a bug of scheduling creatives issues.

You can find new settings of the Android player application (click the cog icon in the top right corner):

Video To Video Transition – This is the mode of transition into a slide or into a widget which contains a video. There are 4 options:
* Auto (this is the default) – estimates what best fits for the device
* Performance – fastest, not all devices, limited video count
* Medium Compatibility – fixes black flashes on some devices
* High Compatibility – wide range of devices, may introduce slight delay
* Disable – no transitions between slides or widgets with video
Screen Color – The screen background color which is behind slides and transition effects.

Retry Failed Downloads – This will try to resume downloading failed media periodically, according the defined sync frequency (the default is off).

Digital Signage Application Settings









Start Mode:
Start playlist from recent slide – This will start the player from the last played slide, in case it stops from any reason (the default is on).
Start slideshow from recent widget – This will resume to a slideshow widget to the last played widget. It is useful in case of a slideshow which is longer than the creative assigned duration or in case you think that the slideshow might be cut in the middle (for example, when using the advertising system and setting a short break point interval).
Start From Cache – The player Will start playing from the cache. For this, the content must be played once before turning this on (the default is off).
Start On Slide Ready – When the first slide is ready, it will start playing without waiting for the other slides to complete being downloaded (the default is off).

Play Mode:
Skip Incomplete Slides – Will skip slides which were not fully loaded or have failed during downloading (the default is off).
Notify On Slide Skip – If the display notifications is on, it will show a notification when a slide is skipped (the default is off).

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Cache Control – This section controls the storage and cache limits.

  • Clear Cache – Clicking this will clear all the downloaded contents in order to free space.
  • Cache Cleanup – Toggles the conditioned cleanup rules (the default is off).
  • Min Free Cache – This is the minimum free memory allowed (in MB). Crossing it will trigger the cleanup of unused media files.
  • Max Free Cache – This is the maximum memory (in MB) that will be free after cleanup. That means that if the cleanup process was triggered and started cleaning, it will stop once it reaches this amount of free storage (or when it has nothing else to clean from the cache folder).
  • Max Allowed File Age – This is the number of days of old unused files to be cleaned. The default is 60 days. Every day at midnight, all media files which are unused for 60 days or more will be deleted from the cache.

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