By the end of July we are planning to release version 2.0 of our billing feature feature. At first phase it will be available to only to end users (not to partner users at the moment; will be in the future through the Admin console for seamlessly purchasing as well as storage purchasing) for easy purchase of licenses through the online Studio either through PayPal or through BlueSnap.
If you’re a partner and would like to contact the billing system, please contact us through
At the moment this feature is under testing.

Billing 2.0 – how to use it?

  1. Login to your online Studio with your username.
  2. If you have more than one account, switch to the relevant account which you’d like to add/increase the amount of the NoviSign licenses (that can be done using the top right popup menu which appears after you click the down arrow near the “Hi” message).
  3. In the top part of your Studio CMS, in the middle you should see a “Get More!” link near you number of actual licenses. Click it.
    Get more licenses
  4. This will open a payment form. There you can choose the subscription plan you wish to have for your new licenses.
    Billing 2.0 feature
  5. Select the plan, choose the number of new screen licenses, toggle between monthly or annual payment and finally press the “Continue” button.
    Subscription purchase
  6. Fill your details in the payment form and complete the purchase.
    Payment form