We at NoviSign believe that any content that can be broadcasted on a TV can be personalized by adding portion of the screen opened for the screen owner for direct messaging.

It can be a Sport feed in the bar (catching 60 – 75% of the big screen), wrapped with promotions and content by the bar manager. It can be the weather channel in the waiting hall, wrapped with the content of the business owner. It can be Fashion TV streaming in the beauty saloon, wrapped with messages and promotions by the Marketing team. All these content feeds bring value to the people visiting the business and contribute to the sales and marketing of the business owner.

In our vision, to make it more interesting, we expect the marketing content to be linked to the content in the main feed – for example, if the red team wins (or scores) – the ‘Red labeled’ beer will be sold at 40% discount. The options are endless.

HDMI-IN signage player
In our LG player app, we allow capturing content from the HDMI input (which can be TV channel, cable TV, game console such as Sony PlayStation© or Microsoft Xbox©, etc.). In the near future we are planning to add this ability to Android (only few Android media players also have an HDMI-IN port, so the feature will be only for a certain type of hardware).

In the above short video we can see a live FIFA game, taking most of the LG TV screen, while the other parts are presenting content pushed by the owner. Imagine a toy store, which allows the kids to play with other kids, and the kid that wins gets a coupon – the line near the store will be endless!

Regardless, it is always fun to see a kid beating a grown up in FIFA 🙂