In some cases, you might experience full screen black flashes in Minix Neo U1, due to buggy hardware or a driver that may be buggy (like almost all Mali 450 devices).

Minix Neo U1This post will show you how to convert any video file to be MP4 (AVC format) that will work well on Minix Neo U1, without any black flash.

Also, please notice that most of the phenomenon may be prevented by choosing the right settings in the Android advanced settings. For that, access the advanced settings of the Android and there, set the “Self-adaptive refresh rate switching” (under the “Display” menu) from “Level2” to “Off”.

1) Download and install the Avidemux 2.6 convertor app.
2) Open the Avidemux program.
3) Click the “File” menu item, then “Open” and choose the WMV video file.
4) Under the “Video Output” block of settings, in the left, in the dropdown list, choose “Mpeg4 AVC (x264)”.
5) This will enable the 2 next options. Press the “Configure” button, which is below that dropdown list.
6) In the popup menu, in the “General” tab, uncheck the “Use advanced configuration”.
7) In the “Preset” dropdown list, choose “medium” speed.
8) In the “Profile” dropdown list, choose “high” speed.
9) In the “IDC Level” dropdown list, choose “3” level.
10) Press “Ok” and the popup window will be closed.
11) Under the “Output Format” block of settings, in the first dropdown list, choose “MP4v2 Muxer”, in order to get an MP4 output file.
12) Press Ctrl + S to convert the file, give it a name in the path you’d like it to be created and then press the “Save” button.
13) The converted MP4 file will be created in the path which you choose.