Our native Android player app supports connecting an RFID reader and connecting a barcode reader.

RFID Reader combined with digital signageThere are many hardware vendors of RFID readers. We integrated with RFkeeper‘s device as it was easy. You can find any hardware vendor you like, get a unit and test it based on the below instructions. You might like to use a barcode scanner as it is more available and cheaper, while it works in a very similar way to RFID reader in whatever it comes to digital signage. 2 good examples for barcode readers which we have tried are Honeywell Voyager 1450G2D, USB imaging barcode scanner and Motorola DS9208-SR4NNU21Z USB barcode scanner.

As far as we know, RFKeeper with 50 passive tags is around 1,500 USD per unit. You may find other types of readers in price range of 250 to 900 USD.

1) We can integrate with RFID readers or with barcode scanners.
2) The RFID device should have a USB connector.
3) The device would connect using the USB port to a Minix Neo X7 (16GB) or Minix Neo X7 mini (8GB). Other Android devices might work, but it was not tested on other devices.
4) After it is connected, you need to see that when scanning a tag or a barcode, the ID of it (or barcode number) is sent to the Minix and at the end of each scan there is a Carriage Return (the Enter key character).
5) In order to test the above, you can start a text pad or any document editor app on the Minix, start to scan and see that ID + Enter will appear in the text pad after every scan. It should look like this: Tag1, Tag2, Tag3. You might need to configure the RFID reader to send a Carriage Return after each scan.
6) Once you find the device you like to use, send us a list of all the IDs of the tag you are using, the Studio account name which will have the ability to edit the RFID events and we will send you a player version with the tags listed there so it would appear on your Studio and you’ll be able to configure the RFID/barcode events. For this operation (updating the tag IDs or barcode numbers to your online Studio account and updating the player) we charge 95 USD.

We can support other RFID readers that have different API, but a development work might be required in order to build a driver that would support the API.