This article will explain you how to show a Google spreadsheet document (like a Microsoft Excel sheet) in your digital signage using our online Studio. If you need to show an Excel file, you better convert it into a Google spreadsheet and then follow the next procedure.
Google spreadsheet digital signage
Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the Google Drive and create a new “Spreadsheet” document.
  2. Add your data to the spreadsheet.
  3. Share the spreadsheet with another Google account user.
  4. In the sharing dialogue, you should see the “Get shareable link” option. Click it.
  5. The link will appear below. Copy the link to the clipboard.
  6. In the NoviSign Studio, compose a new blended creative and drag a web page widget to the canvas.
  7. Set the URL property of the web page widget to the one which is in your clipboard (the shareable link from step 5).
  8. Set the “reload interval” property of the web page Widget to 1 or 2 minutes.
  9. In the player, when this creative is played for the first time, instead of showing you the spreadsheet, you should see Google account login page.
  10. Type the credentials of the user that you shared this spreadsheet with in step 3. If you want to save the frustrating typing with the popping-in-and-out-Android-keyboard, you better share the spreadsheet (in step 3) with the user which is defined on the Android device
  11. The player should ask if it can store the credentials. Choose yes. The credentials are stored in the browser of the device and NoviSign won’t have to obtain them again.

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