1. Drop the widget into the canvas area, a window will pop up.
  2. A window with a Calendar type selection will open. Here you can decide what calendar data you wish to import. The import source options are:
    • Google account
    • Microsoft Outlook account
    • Custom Calendar that includes: CSV link, API

    Calendar widget

  3. Sign in to your account/ enter the Calendar URL

    Import from Google Account

    After choosing the source Google Calendar will prompt a module of Google for a Sign in to your account.
    Digital signage calendar widget

    Import from Microsoft Outlook

    After choosing the source Outlook Calendar will prompt a module of Microsoft for a Sign in to your account.
    Digital signage calendar

    Import from Custom Calendar

    Selecting the option Import with Custom Calendar.
    This will open a window with 2 options for selection:

    • CSV link
    • API Script

    CSV Link

    You will have to enter a CSV Link you got from the document.
    Please read this guide on How to get the link.
    Signage calendar
    If your file is not open to the public and is locked with a username and password you need to click on the Account Login toggle.
    Digital calendar

    API Import

    You will have to enter a document’s API URL.
    Digital signage Outlook

  4. Choosing visible calendars.

    If your account has multiple calendars that you are managing, in this step, you can decide what you want to be shown in the Calendar Widget.
    Digital signage Outlook365

  5. The final step in Calendar configuration is Styling. With a few settings, you can personalize your Calendar.
    Digital signage Google calendar
  6. Click Add Calendar, and within a few brief moments, it will seamlessly integrate into your Canvas interface.