We have just got a UIA218B iDisplay 18.5″ being used by one of our big users.

This tablet resembles a small Android TV. It is 18.5″. Can be rotated like every tablet, but, unlike an ordinary tablet, this one has no touch screen, hence one should use a mouse in order to configure the tablet.

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The tablet is based on quad-core processor and has Android 4.2.2 installed.
It includes 1GB RAM, 8GB ROM, WiFi.
The tablet has no battery, hence one must use the power supply which comes along with it.
On the back of the tablet, you will find the following sockets/ports: LAN RJ45, 2 x USB, earphones line.
The on/off button, volume control and a back button are all in the back side as well.

Here is a 3.5 minutes review of the tablet computer:

We consider it as a nice cool addition to the Android digital signage arsenal.