Due to Yammer’s recent events (Yammer, which is a social network for organizations, has become part of Microsoft package and now called “Viva Engage”), NoviSign has recently decided to discontinue the service support and integration we had with the Yammer social network for many years.

That means, you will not be able to directly use the Yammer widget for displaying social feed from Yammer. We will soon remove the Yammer widget from the online Studio CMS.

Please notice that there are other ways using 3rd party services to display Yammer feeds in your NoviSign account and displays. One way is using a service such as https://embedsocial.com – for example, this service will allow you to display feeds from social networks such as Twitter/X, Facebook and Instagram (from any user or hashtag) on your NoviSign displays (using the embedded HTML widget – which allows you to add HTML code which is provided by EmbedSocial service).

For more assistance, please contact our support team at support@novisign.com