Today we released a new version of the online Studio CMS and HTML player app. This version includes the following bug fixes, improvements and changes (the numbers are the internal R&D ticket numbers):

Studio fixes

    • 1713 – MRSS widget: ability to support video (as well as images)
    • 2105 – Countdown widget: ability to remove/hide the d/h/m/s letters from the counting format
    • 2098 – Under the creative properties, added an “Editor orientation” dropdown list for switching between landscape to portrait mode of the creative
    • 2185 – Media Center – fixed a bug where error notifications did not appear when upload process has failed

  • 2019 – Media Center – the initial library items need to be presented only in “All Media” folder only and not to appear under “My Device” folder
  • 2187 – Media Center – renaming action should perform saving and be closed also when pressing the Enter key
  • 2241 – Calendar widget – added support for Google (Gmail) calendar
  • 1528 – Text widget – fixed copy & paste bug where highlighting particular text saved the whole text into the clipboard and not just the highlighted one
  • 2446 – Table widget – fixed a bug where you were not able to set the Fill color and Background color transparent (in order to be able to see the items/background behind them)
  • 2334 – Sound on simple video creative – fixed a bug in which the sound did not work on the creative preview mode
  • 1017 – Fixed a bug where the X link for clearing search text disappeared when you moved from the Playlists tab to another tab and back
  • 2392 – Scheduling – fixed a bug where when scheduling the “Date Range” of the creative or playlist, the “Scheduled” word, did not appear on the scheduled creative/playlist

HTML player app fixes

  • 2250 – Added automatic redirect SSO users to login in case there is no valid token (in case of SSO integration)
  • 2456 – Added headers for send/process screen of propstore request/response (it’s adding the dynamic props functionality like we have on Android/Windows player apps)