NoviSign Digital Signage system for internal communication enables you to trigger events from your Slack workspace directly to the screen. You can see a video with a full cycle of such interaction between the Slack workspace to a big screen in this video:

Slack app integrated with digital signage

How does it work?

NoviSign will provide you with a special NoviSign Slack App to add to your Slack workspace (this is a kind of Bot server). This app would enable you to use special commands that would be initiated in any Slack channel in your workspace. Once a command is triggered like the /gong command below the NoviSign Slack App, a bot will validate it and return response whether it can execute it or whether it has an error. Once the command is triggered successfully, it will print a response on the screen of the Slack and send the commands plus parameters to any NoviSign device which you like and is on the same network.

Behind the scenes: Once the NoviSign server gets the request from the NoviSign Slack App it will trigger an event on one or more screen(s) that are registered to this event.

What an event does is to stop a playlist playlist on the screen and trigger a preset creative for x amount of seconds. You can populate it with the event parameters from the slack.

More things that might help to know:

The commands of the NoviSign App running on Slack and the parameters that are being used are configured especially for each installation of yours. You just need to let us know the name and format of the command you want to use in Slack.

Slack on big screen

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