Recently, we upgraded the online Studio, the management console and the monitoring & reports tool.

Online Studio v4.2.29-0-13

Now you can select multiple playlists for a group. Previously, you could have multi selected playlist only for individual player, but not for a group. The new feature allows you more flexibility when managing and organizing your players.
In addition, we made some minor bug fixes.

Multiple playlists digital signage

Monitoring & reports tool v1.5.1-3

In the “Playlist Names” column of the player monitor, you can now see multiple playlists in case your player is set to run more than one playlist.
Please notice (this was already added before) that if you export the player monitor to CSV, you get few more columns in the CSV file than what you see in the real player monitor. Those columns are:

  • “Player Version” – the version of the NoviSign app which is installed on that device.
  • “Device Name” – the physical name of the device.
  • “OS Name” – the type of the operating system on that device.
  • “OS Version” – the version of the operating system on that device.