The table below guides estimating of the data used by the different graphic scenarios. These numbers apply to a single NoviSign player configuration with 1920x1080p resolution. The below assumes having installed a remote connection such app such as TeamViewer, AnyDesk or any kind of MDM software.

Signage player bandwidth

Scenario Default Mode Description of the Scenario
Idle 1 Kbps No updates to the players, only signaling between the player and the server for status check.
Text and layout updates 0.1 Mbps Playlist scheduling, creative layout and text content updates.
Images content updates, text and layout 0.5 Mbps Update textual and images content on the player.
Short clips, images, text 6 Mbps Frequent update of short video clips, images text and layouts on the player.
Include live streaming 50 Mbps Live video streaming together with videos, images and text.