Recently, we have added to our Android recommended hardware list, a professional Android player by Qbic Technology. The model is called BXP-300.

The Qbic BXP-300 is a quad core Android player (I’m not sure whether to call it a “TV box” or not, as it’s bigger than a TV box and rather a commercial grade, not a consumer grade). The player is based on ARM 1.8Ghz processor, has 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM. The OS is Android 5.1.1, supports 4K screen resolution. The unit has WiFi b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, RJ45, HDMI (with CEC support), 2 x USB ports, micro USB (OTG) port, SD card slot, microphone jack, SPDIF output, RS232 port (yes, you read right, good old RS232 COM port!) and one antenna.
Qbic Technology - BXP-300 Android player
We have tested the BXP-300 with the NoviSign app. The player was using rooted firmware from 21-May-2018. That firmware supports watching at least 3 videos in parallel on the same screen (and that is a very nice bonus) and screen rotation (which you do not see in most Android TV boxes).

Here is a link to the BXP-300 product specifications.

Qbic technology specializes in fields from SFF (Small Form Factor) embedded computers, mobile PC, server to SMART systems. Qbic develops professional ARM/X86 based technologies for various vertical markets and demand. Qbic designs and provides the most reliable and robust Android / Arm based Panel PC and Box PC for digital signage applications. Qbic’s players come with an independent hardware IC watchdog for added reliability. In addition, their Box PCs are built to withstand harsh and extreme environment and the temperatures ranges from (-40 C to 80 C).