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Digital Signage App

NoviSign’s Android app turns any Android device (smartphone, tablet, smart screen, TV box, etc.) into a beautiful, interactive digital signage screen. With our easy-to-use Studio, create campaigns that broadcast continuously to various locations, controlled from anywhere. Click here to see our Android digital signage quick start guide.

  • What Can I Create with the NoviSign Android Digital Signage App?

    • GENERAL WIDGETS: Weather, clock, shape, rolling text, RSS and more
    • SOCIAL WIDGETS: Instagram, YouTube
    • RICH MEDIA: Images, videos, Ustream
    • SPECIAL FEATURES: Lock device, toggle between portrait or landscape, statistics reports, watchdog and monitor, showcase mode, online/offline mode and more

  • How does it work?

    1. Choose your device. Readily available devices ranging from $10 to $100.
    2. Download and install NoviSign’s Android App from the Google Play Store.
    3. Go to, create your campaign with our easy to use studio and start broadcasting right away!

  • Minimal Android TV Box Requirements

    • Android OS 4.2 and above
    • Dual Core CPU
    • 1GB of memory
    • Access to Google Play Store

  • Why NoviSign?

    We are a team of experienced software programmers working on the project early 2011. We’ve continuously worked to improve our product and meet the market needs so that you have the easiest to use program with the best performance and great results.

Android Digital Signage

Digital Signage solution for all Android devices.

Digital TV Signage Player

Connect any TV to an Android player and start broadcasting.

Digital Signage Tablet

Create beautiful digital signage using any Android tablet.

✉  Feel free to contact us for any questions at

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