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Digital TV Signage Player

NoviSign offers digital signage software as a service solution. Without any special IT skills, any business can take a TV screen, connect it to an Android player and start broadcasting. Call it a dongle, a stick, a streamer or a box – NoviSign is compatible with all of them. NoviSign enables you to transform any TV into a beautiful affordable digital signage display. Simply just connect your TV to any Android box and make it a “Smart TV”, install NoviSign’s Android App and turn the TV into a dynamic digital sign. Click here to see our Android digital signage quick start guide.

  • What is an Android TV Box?

    An Android TV Box is a small device – either a stick, a dongle or an actual box – that when connected to a TV screen, turns it into a computer, connects it to the internet and enables many neat features and usages. The Android TV Boxes run on Android OS, enable usage of any Android app in the Google Play Store. The Android TV Box either connects directly to a USB port on your TV or to a power source.

  • How does it work?

    1. Connect your TV Box to a power source or USB port and to a mobile, WiFi or LAN connection
    2. Connect your TV Box to the TV you wish to use
    3. Download NoviSign’s app from the Google Play Store
    4. From any browser go to
    5. Create an account and with our easy-to-use studio, build your campaign
    6. Start broadcasting!


  • Minimal Android TV Box Requirements

  • What is GoogleTV ?

    NoviSign digital signage started with Android OS boxes that are connected to the TV display. Like any Android phone device, you can install an app so you would install the Novisign. Later Google created Android TV version of this OS and added special TV features such as the use of the remote control.
    Now it seems as Google is re-branding the TV and takes the Android TV to be GoogleTV in such a way it is similar idea to Android TV just look different today and would be the one to replace Android TV to be branded as Google TV.

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Android Digital Signage

Digital Signage solution for all Android devices.

Digital Signage App

Turns any Android device into a beautiful digital signage screen.

Digital Signage Tablet

Create beautiful digital signage using any Android tablet.

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