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Google Chrome OS

Chromebook Device for Digital Signage Studio

You can run the NoviSign CMS Studio on any Chrome Web browser. In addition, if you are using ChromeOS in your organization, to manage all the Chrome Player devices using Google Device Management Console, then the Chromebook would be simply a perfect solution for opening the Device Management and NoviSign Studio and start broadcasting.

So, what is Chromebook? The Google Chrome version for Macbook? Notebook?
Well, yes: this is Google’s notebook computer, a laptop if you want. It is based over the slim Linux-based operating system of Google which is called Chrome OS.

Unlike the traditional notebook, the Chromebook is for those who work online as the apps (and the data of those apps) is usually online (such as Google docs).

Unlike the Chromebox, which is manufactured only by Google partners (such as Acer, Asus, HP, Dell and AOpen), the Chromebook was manufactured also by Google itself(!), not to mention that it was manufactured by a famous bunch of Google’s partners (as HP, for instance).

The first Chromebook was presented in 2011.
There is an apps store which is called Chrome Web Store – this is where you install apps from. You don’t use a CD/DVD for installing apps. The boot is very fast, actually in no time. Now, the sales of the Chromebook used to be very high. It seems that it is only second after the sales of Windows based devices in 2015, according Wikipedia.

The Chromebook is a link in the chain of Google hardware “Chrome” products as Chromecast, Chromebox and Chromebase. Actually, this was the first hardware best seller of Google, before all the above mentioned Chrome hardware products.

Way to go, Google!


Strong processor

HD resolution


16GB storage

WiFi connection

2 USB ports

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