Step 5: Create Playlist

Playlists in Studio


Playlists: where you can set the play order of creatives and schedule them to play on specific days, times and set expiration dates. The “PLAYLISTS” tab consists of four primary features:

  • New Playlist: click this option for creating a new playlist.
  • Edit: select a playlist, then click the edit button. This opens the playlist in edit mode.
  • Delete: select and delete a playlist.
  • Duplicate: makes a copy of an existing selected playlist.

Required Action

  • (1) Click the “New Playlist” button.
  • (2) Add a new playlist name and type the description of the playlist use.
  • (4) Click the plus icon in the middle of each creative (in the left creative list) that you want in the playlist
    • (a) To change the order of the creatives, click and drag any of them to rearrange.
    • (b) To schedule a specific creative to play, click the calendar icon which is on it:
    • (c) To schedule how long you want each creative to play, click the “10 sec” text. This controls the duration (in seconds) of each creative in the playlist.

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