I’m sure no real doubt is left in anybody’s mind that Android Digital Signage is here to stay. More than that, it seems as if we haven’t even scraped the surface of the potential market of Android-based Digital Signage. Digital Signage software providers like NoviSign are pushing this technology, and in many ways promoting Android technology that is unrelated or, at least, not directly related to Digital Signage.

Apart from well-known challenges: low computing power for low cost devices, system/player stability, Adobe Air support and others that bother the Android Signage community, the one challenge that stands out high above all others is remote-control support tools with management capabilities for Android devices. There are tools out there: TeamViewer QuickSupport, VNC servers, Webkey, AirDrop and others, but these tools are not sufficient for Digital Signage purposes, where visibility is everything, and our customers cannot display blank screens or embarrassing error messages about a system failure.

Digital Signage software providers can do a great job developing software, but, unfortunately, environment-based errors may occur, and the software providers will be blamed and lose customers. While management and control/support tools for Win-based devices have been in production for two decades, Android support tools and remote control apps are limited.

As we at NoviSign are facing challenges with Android tools that leverage the Digital Signage Industry, we are happy to open the debate and get valuable input and suggestions from the Android development community.

The Digital Signage community realizes that Android Digital Signage is the most effective solution for small and medium businesses that expect cost-effective implementation at standards no lower than those of high cost solutions. Together, we must find new ways through collaboration to support these challenging business needs.

I’m sure we can learn how to control this new beast. Suggestions are welcome!