April 8, 2013- Two companies leverage their expertise and services to create a package that includes cutting edge signage software (creative and editing features) and innovative connectivity capability; never before has a signage company offered all of these characteristics.


NoviSign provides a comprehensive, easy-to-use SaaS based Content Management System in addition to Interactive Screen-Smart Device features. Monitors AnyWhere pioneered the implementation of VGA/DVI over LAN technology for Digital Signage applications. Both contributions have mitigated the two main obstacles relating to Digital Signage installation for SMBs. Additionally, the cost of installing many Players or expensive video extenders can be extremely high.


The joint solution enables digital signage customers to use only one computer to output up to 20 different content channels. Users save tremendously on hardware fees. The content is created, broadcasted and managed through the NoviSign software.  It is then distributed and controlled with the Monitors AnyWhere software over the business’s existing wired and wireless Local Area Network to various screens through the VGA/DVI/HDMI over LAN Zero Clients which are mounted on each screen with no distance limitations. These features significantly minimize initial and ongoing maintenance costs.


Other benefits for users include short training time and ease-of-use. NoviSign and MonitorAnywhere’s technologies are specifically designed to allow any person in an organization to participate in the digital signage. No prior experience or skills are required to effectively implement the service. In an industry where innovation drives distinction and success, NoviSign and Monitors Anywhere are excited to be the very first in the signage world to develop and offer this packaged deal.


“This is unequivocally a game-changer. Customers finally have all the advantages of signage rolled into one package. They have low cost, low maintenance, easy installation, and best of all-one screen controlling all the content they want to broadcast on up to 20 screens from one computer. There is just no other company out there that offers this service at this price,” reflects Gil Matzliah, CEO of NoviSign.


“We identified the key market variables that drive demand in this market. Finally there is a service which offers superior content management as well as connectivity capability through a single digital signage platform. This is only the beginning of many possible technical advances we will make as a team,” comments Roy Tal, Monitors Anywhere CEO.


Monitors Anywhere uses a VGA over LAN (VoL) technology to create a new concept in digital signage connectivity. One is simply required to have a single computer and VoL zero client for each monitor to establish full control over all displays and presented content.


Novisign Digital Signage offers Digital Signage Software as a Service and supports hundreds of screens around the world in educational institutions, small businesses, retail stores, restaurants, and corporations. They aim to serve any business that has existing hardware platforms, such as Windows-based PC and Android-based devices.


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