NoviSign is happy to announce the release of a new widget – Digital Signage Poll.

This innovative feature is designed to enhance communication between our users and their customers and clients.

The NoviSign feature enables Digital Signage users to create and present any type of poll on the same screen as part of the Digital Signage campaign. The poll can contain one or more questions with multiple answers, and the results of the voting are presented on the screen in real time! Using a simple QR code on any type of smartphone (HTML5-based application), clients entering the venue connect and vote.

The recent development is part of NoviSign’s SSI (Screen-Smart Device Interaction) concept. This concept brings a powerful tool to be used in our customer sites for sales promotion, information and even simple pleasure! Store customers get additional value for participation (in addition to playing a game) in the shape of a digital coupon, sent straight to their smart device.

Any NoviSign user can create an interactive activity, screen it on site, and activate it. Entertain your customers:
What is the preferred beer to be served at half price during ‘Happy Hour’?
What team will win in the coming football event?
Who is your favorite singer/actor?
What fashion designer is your favorite?
The number of questions for the poll are endless.

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