Digital signage and the augmented reality, Pokémon GO game, that makes the western world crazy? (It seems like whoever is not in the business of terror or military revolutions is playing the game :-)). You may ask what the connection is, but the answer is here just in front of you (yes, just beside the yellow Pokémon).
Digital signage is become yet another digital platform, to share information, ideas, social streams and even crazy beautiful innovative augmented reality games like Pokemon GO. This crazy trend is just at its diapers and it is simply another great reason to implement the digital sign you have always wanted, in your venue – no matter what business, what size and were it is located – as long a people come in or walk through – it brings great value (and FUN!).
Pokemon go digital signage 
Few simple and effective examples are shopping malls, universities, restaurants and bars, public places (from doctors waiting area to tourist information center, from sports arena to hotel lobby). 
You can use this amazing game to provide interesting information about Pokemon’s inside/nearby/around the corner. You can use it to call for action – place an order, bring a Pokémon picture, you’ll get a free drink! Or maybe get the drinks first, then go chasing the Pokémons (this must be funnier :-)).
Create a contest and publish the winner’s name, his “hunted” Pokémon (like a fish caught by the fisherman) and share it on the digital signage screens. 

One may even ad safety warnings (the Pokemon is NOT on the roof, or around the ledge…)

More relates Pokemon great things to show on screen:
– Display a map of the neighborhood with Pokemon in the regions
– Notice that you are activating a lure in the nearby PokeStop everyday at 17:30 so the customers know when to come
– Show tip and tricks on the game (how to catch a Pokémon, using potion or revive, when is the best time to use incense, how to hatch eggs…)
– Open Twitter with updates such as
– Put an on screen survey of: Who is your favorite Pokémon
– Invite for a Pokémon event

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