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Digital Signage Fundamentals: An Introduction

Welcome to our Digital Signage Setup and Usage course. From basics to advanced techniques, we’ll cover it all. Digital signage offers flexibility, cost savings and attention-grabbing power. To begin, you need a plan, software, hardware and engaging content. Prior research and planning are key. Get ready to harness the potential of digital signage.

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IntroductionIn this series about digital signage, we will cover what you need to know to setup and use digital signage successfully. We will cover everything the items you need, getting started tips and best practices. 

How can digital signage be used?

Have you ever been out and seen TVs mounted on the wall displaying announcements or advertisements? That is digital signage. Digital directories in lobbies, digital menu boards in restaurants, displays in medical waiting areas sharing information and screens in schools displaying class notification and events are examples of how digital signage can be used.

When it is boiled down, digital signage is a visual communications tool. Creating advertisements to promote sales, enhancing branding or reaching employees or customers with new information just some of the benefits of using digital signage.

What are the key benefits of digital signage?

Simply put no one needs digital signage to run their business but rather it improves the way you can communicate with your target audience.

Let’s say your company is looking to improve the way you communicate with employees. Using digital signage, you will be able to wirelessly send company updates, metrics and other information out to a screen. By having the screens in areas that your employees spend time, your messages have a high chance of being seen. 

Let’s now cover the top 5 high-level benefits of digital signage:

  1. Create and send updates to any screen from any computer at any time.
  2. Have complete control and flexibility over what you are displaying. Images, videos, scrolling text, news feeds, weather, websites, slideshows, Google slides, YouTube videos and social media feeds are examples of things that you can display on a digital signage screen.
  3. Eliminate the need of printing costs of new static signage or posters.
  4. Digital signage grabs attention due to changing content + people have been trained to look at screens.
  5. Low-cost to get started. For digital signage, all that you need is a TV, media players, and digital signage software

What do I need for digital signage?

Digital signage consists of four elements:

  1. A Plan

Before you start making purchases, it is wise to outline a plan. What type of digital signage software you’re going to use and where will the screens be installed several examples of things you need to review. 

  1. Digital Signage Software

Also known as a content management system (CMS), digital signage software is what is used to create and manage the content of your screens with. 

There are two primary types of CMSs; cloud-based and on-premise. Cloud-based allows you to manage the content from your computer via the internet remotely. On-premise requires you to be on-premise to make changes to the content and does not rely on the internet for sending updates to the screens.

  1. Digital Signage Hardware 

When it comes to hardware, you will need a display, mounting bracket and digital signage player

  1. Digital Signage Content

Content is king. It’s what you see on the display is one of the most critical aspects of digital signage. Slideshows, weather, scrolling tickers, videos and news feeds are examples of content that can be added to the screen.  

If you think that you will need help with the initial design of content, you may want to consider having a company assist you. This will help you with getting started while ensuring that the look and feel of the content is visually appealing and professionally put together. Many times though companies will include customizable templates that you can use as a starting point for designing your digital signage content with.

Why do I need digital signage?

Because digital signage is ‘digital’ it allows for total flexibility. Digital signage enables you to display an unlimited number of messages on the screen. No more will you have to print out posters or static flyers to update the public.

Another benefit of digital signage is the fact that people have been trained to look at screens. According to statistics, 63% of people will take immediate notice to digital signage screens. That number is alarming so why not take advantage of it!

When it comes to pricing your in luck, like every technology and as it develops, the price comes down. From TVs being only $300 to digital signage software being only $20 a month, you can get started with digital signage for only several hundred dollars.

But before you go spending money, we encourage you to outline a plan. By covering the details, you will save money in mistake purchases while saving time in the overall setup and deployment process.


Take your time and make sure you truly understand what digital signage is, how it works and outline what you’re looking to accomplish. When making a purchasing decision always make sure to read 3rd party reviews and test out the system for your self before cutting a PO!

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