Retail digital signage

More and more retailers are using digital signage for retail to attract new potential customers and better engage with existing customers. Doing this helps to generate repeat customers while establishing customer loyalty. An omnichannel approach that incorporates digital signage for retail is a new trend that retailers are using today to take their retail stores to the next level!

The concept of omnichannel retail aims to provide customers with a seamless shopping experience. This is a customer engagement multichannel approach was online, in a brick and mortar store, and mobile shopping experiences are interconnected.

Still, many retailers today are not providing a connected approach to the shopper’s experience. There is a stagnant disconnect from the in-store inexperience to the online experience.

Using digital signage for retail stores, delivers an interconnected shopping experience. Smart retailers are using digital signage for retail to complement their mobile apps while improving the way they brand themselves.

Discover the Benefits of Digital Signage for Retail

Digital signage for retail stores allows you to provide a seamless experience throughout a customer’s journey across all touchpoints. You can create an interactive environment for your products and your customers using RFID, NFC, motion detection and their mobile devices.

  • Drive Engagement: display variety of live infotainment on your retail digital signage to entertain store shoppers
  • Captivate Customers: improve your customer experiences with dynamic HD images to excite your shoppers
  • Stimulate Appeal: grow your brand’s equity between the customer and your brand
  • Promote Sales: Run weekly product promotions and offerings to increase your sales revenue
  • Measure Results: use facial recognition digital signage to track results, so you can better understand your viewers

4 Advantageous Application Examples of Digital Signage for Retail Stores

Digital signage offers an exciting future for the way retail stores reach customers. With mobile commerce increasing, the advancement of digital communications technology, and the acceptance of digital media being used in the physical space will drive the adaptation of retail digital signage.

A retail digital signage store strategy can be used in a multitude of ways that will ensure its effectiveness:

1. Capture the attention of shoppers by using a variety of entertaining content such as videos, live news and HD animated messages. By displaying the right message at the right time at the right place, you will be able to influence your customer behavior and while driving impulse purchases.

2. Turn your retail digital signage into self-service information kiosks to lessen customer wait times.

3. Give your customers seamless shopping experiences. Do this by helping customers find their way around your store. Add store maps, list bathrooms and other on-demand customer information.

4. Engage with your customers through interactive content. List exclusive sales, encourage email sign-ups and promote your customer loyalty programs.

Why NoviSign?

Today’s customers have higher demands and expectations. The increasing number of online stores and shopping sites have been a challenge for retail stores. Retailers have to fight to keep their customers engaged and go beyond the traditional sale events and discounting strategy. NoviSign specializes in retail digital signage. We offer the industries best variety of retail digital signage solutions that will fit needs of any retail establishment, no matter the size and industry.

With over 20,000 digital signage deployments across 5 continents, NoviSign has a proven track record of helping retailers keep up with today’s digitally advanced customers. With NoviSign, business owners have the best set of options when it comes to retail digital signage:

  • NoviSign’s retail digital signage software is a mature, proprietary and easy-to-use web-based content management system that is accessible from any mobile and computer device
  • Supports full 1080P – 4K clarity with brilliant HD playback to attract attention, delivers media clearly and engages with customers effectively
  • Includes an advanced and reliable scheduling dashboard that allows users to create dynamic playlists and pre-schedule retail digital signage campaigns remotely
  • Choice from professionally designed customizable retail digital signage templates to create highly-targeted and branded media around the exact needs of your businesses and customers
  • The best variety of free built-in drag-and-drop widgets to easily and quickly create and manage content: videos, slideshows, RSS news, scrolling text feeds, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more.
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