Retail digital signage


Attracting viewers and new potential customers is the main goal of retail signage. Store window displays, elaborate fixtures and nicely printed vinyl wall signage are used to invite potential customers through the store doors. Once you have the customers inside, what do you do to keep customers engaged?

Based on your own experience, have you ever walked past a digital screen without taking a glance at it? Statistics show that retail stores with digital signage experience have an increase in purchases from 44% to 80%. This proves that adding retail digital signage to your store, can generate a significant increase in your bottom line.

Here are 5 ways on how you can efficiently use digital signage for your retail launch:

1. Multi-use digital screens

Traditional static signs are permanent. Once printed and installed, there’s nothing more you can do to change its content or keep it updated. When you are using static signage, you cannot showcase content that’s happening in real time or dynamically promotes new products that you will be launching.

Since digital signage is flexible, it is a better choice than using traditional signage. Why? Using retail digital signage, you will be able to keep your signage fresh and updated with real-time content.

2. Targeted customer advertising

During your retail launch, you may consider two different scenarios.

Since you are launching a retail store or a new product, your customers will spend more time checking out your store and new products. Because of this, it is recommended that you schedule the playlist on your digital content for at least two minutes. You can also extend your playlist or include other content to keep customers engaged. Take advantage of this extra viewing time and include information about your customer loyalty program, customer service policies and exclusive promotions for the day.

Second, customers who are passing by during your new store launch may only take a quick glance at your digital screens located near the windows or store entrance. Make sure the signs in those areas will capture their attention. Instead of a 30-second slide, add a short fully animated clip that is engaging. When you have captured efficiently their attention, they will be enticed to check out what’s happening inside your store.

3. Test a variety of content

One great thing about retail digital signage is its flexibility. Content is not fixed and you can experiment with displaying different kinds of media on your screen. This way, you will have more chances to identify which form of media is the most effective for your shoppers. Examples of media that you can display include videos, images, product lines, social media feeds weather advisories, directories, promotions and more. This flexibility gives you the capability to tailor-fit your content during your store launch, product launch, location, etc.

4. Explore different screen sizes

Many retailers campaigns tend to focus on the adage, “bigger is better”, but this is not always the case. The success of your digital signage campaign depends on the location and positioning of your screen. These factors have a considerable impact on how the viewers receive the content.

There are retail stores who find that big screens can be overwhelming to their viewers, but some others receive tons of coverage from it. Some retail stores also make use of several screens while others opt for just one or two.

The effectiveness of your digital screens depends on the audience and who will be viewing your content, the type of content you will show and the time you will show it. It is essential to consider the fundamental digital signage design rules like not playing two videos at the same time, or overcrowding it with too much content.

5. Keep  your content new and relevant

One mistake that retail stores do is to forget and outlive their launch campaigns. This “set it and forget it” syndrome is what you need to fight.

When you launch your retail digital signage campaign, you aim to boost brand awareness, build a loyal customer base and keep shoppers coming back for more. You will not get to achieve these goals if you have the same content playing all on an endless loop on your digital screen. Viewers will soon get bored with your content.

You have to make sure that you continue to capture shopper’s attention and keep the engagement going. Change and update your content at least once or twice a month. This way, viewers will anticipate checking out your digital content.

You can include social media updates, buying tips and guides, exciting promotions, exciting videos and other elements on your screen. Any content that will keep your screen engaging will make a huge difference.

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