Digital signage for retail

It’s true. Every small and medium-sized retail store is always looking to attract new customers and better compete with larger businesses, many retailers are embracing the opportunity that retail digital signage provides. Digital signage for retail stores offers a platform to effectively engage with the market, grab the attention of potential new customers and drive customer traffic and sales. It is an efficient way to capture viewer’s attention and engage with customers in several ways. The best thing is it can skyrocket your business sales in record time.

If you have not jumped on board yet, here are the top 10 reasons why you should follow suit:

1. Everyone is using it

In 2013, the average customer was exposed to 14 minutes of weekly retail digital signage. This has increased to 56 minutes in 2017.  This is a surprising statistic and the trend will undoubtedly increase as more retailers will continue to see the benefit that digital signage delivers to their bottom line.

2. It builds trust and cures waiting time

Trust is one vital reason which makes shoppers spend money in your business. When you have not gained their trust, it would be impossible to make them enter your store. Retail digital signage can display content which shows that a business is capable of meeting a customer’s needs.

3. Saves you time and lots of money

For instance, you will not have to spend money on printing when you need to change the content on your digital screen. This lessens the hassle, time and cost of hiring a designer, waiting for it to be printed and have the signage installed – and everything that happens when you are using traditional signage. With retail digital signage, you save time and cost. It is one valuable investment that brings lots of benefits to your business.

4. Levels the playing field

The retail industry is a competitive and challenging one, as more and more businesses sprout every day. Competition, especially with bigger companies and larger corporations who have more resources, is a struggle that every business faces.

Retail digital signage plays a significant role to level the playing field among businesses. It is like a tax that balances and adjusts to the amount of money in your pocket.

Since small businesses have more elasticity than larger ones, retail digital signage serves as a tremendous asset. It is because small businesses can quickly adapt to change.

5. Complements your current physical signage

Choosing between traditional, static signage and a digital screen is an easy choice to make. However, there are still retailers who continue to use static signage. With traditional signage, you only have one chance to make a flamboyant, bright, and appealing message. You cannot change the stroke of a brush or the printed graphics – that is unless you are using a digital one.

As shared by one San Diego-based business owner, using traditional signage has more impact than a traditional word of mouth or other forms of advertising. Because his signage had been effective, it has brought in 10 new customers in a week, where six resulted in sales.

Since using physical signage cannot be ignored, it can still be used to complement your retail digital signage. This way, you will experience the effect and the difference that both signages will bring to your bottom line.

6. Will improve your customer experiences

The customer experience is the most crucial factor in the success of a business. Customers who are satisfied and comfortable with your business are most likely to come back and spread the news to their family and friends. While significant factors like high-quality and low prices are vital, the comfort and satisfaction that a customer feels have increased in value.

Digital signage plays a massive part in creating and boosting a customers’ in-store and storefront experience. Retail digital signage offers customers with interactivity, engagement, entertainment and information source. It inspires customers to return to your store and stay loyal to your business.

7. You need to understand the market

According to statistics from the U.S., U.S. Small Business Administration, about twenty-three million small businesses account for 54 percent of all sales in the country. This significant figure shows that the digital signage has massive potential.

In other countries like Germany, Austria and Switzerland, about 75 percent of small and medium-sized businesses account for digital signage installations in 2014. It proves that the small and medium-sized sectors drive digital signage revenues.

This only shows that digital signage for retail is continuously growing and shows no signs of stopping. Every business regardless of size has different needs and requirements. The good thing is, digital signage is fully flexible and scalable. It can handle the demands of large businesses and corporations and of course, small and medium-sized ones.

While getting to start using digital signage can seem to a challenge, it will be easier to manage and handle it once you arm yourself with the necessary knowledge.

8. Should I do this myself?

It is cost-efficient when you do things yourself. That is, you can DIY when you have the right skills and enough time. However, there are several reasons why you should not opt for DIY retail digital signage. When you do, you can try to do just parts of it. However, make sure you have armed yourself with the right knowledge beforehand. It also pays to determine your expertise and what you can handle.

Some factors to consider include choosing the right digital signage software, installing the displays, creating the content, updating and scheduling content and keeping the screens up-todate with fresh new content. Still, don’t worry if you cannot DIY. Nowadays, the cost of digital signage is becoming more affordable. Using and managing is also easier.

First-time small business owners may find it too overwhelming to invest in digital signage. Most have no idea where to start, what to consider, or what to do to keep it running. Some others get too excited to start as soon as possible.

It is simple. One thing to consider is to make sure that it is compatible with your hardware and software. Use the appropriate digital signage media player that fully integrates with your retail digital signage software. After which, setup the screen on your wall to start placing content to display.

Quick tip: Choose an up-front and easy-to-use platform, this way, you will not spend too much time learning how it will work. You can even save more if you choose a cloud-based platform. When going to the cloud, you will not have to worry about servers or on-premise IT support.

9. It is time consider digital signage for retail

Years ago, having digital signage was too expensive and intricate. Business owners would question its effectiveness and some worry about its cost, design and complexity. However, nowadays, these situations have changed.

Businesses of all sizes and industry are reaping the benefits of retail digital signage. Without it, a business lags behind and missing out on several opportunities like potential customers walking away. Creative and practical uses of digital signage yield excellent results and make a difference in the success of a business.

Don’t wait until the last moment. Take advantage and enjoy the opportunity that retail digital signage will bring to your business. Retail digital signage is the most valuable yet cost-effective investment you can provide your business. It shows the way to your growth and development.

Try it out today. With NoviSign you can sign-up for a free 30-day trial of our digital signage software. No credit card required, no commitments.

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