Employee communications digital signage

A multi-screen NoviSign installation of digital signage for employee communications featuring a 32″ corporate communications display and two 22″ screens featuring corporate training videos, slides and other information

Notify, Engage and Inspire Employees Using Digital Signage for Employee Communications

Digital signage for employee communications is a powerful way to boost communications within your organization. It easily breaks through the communication barrier, because it is dynamic and grabs attention. When using digital signage for employee communications, you can reliably share vital company announcements and news all while being able to reinforce corporate culture and underline values.

Employee Engagement

Digital signage for employee communication is one of the most effective ways to consistently communicate with your employees on a daily basis. Here’s how you can use digital signage to drive new employee engagements:

  • Communicate essential company notifications and bulletins
  • Spotlight upcoming corporate events, important meetings and schedules
  • Strengthen company beliefs, display mission statement and goals
  • Highlight your corporate brand and its uniqueness
  • Recognize department, team and individual employee triumphs

Happier Employees

Employees who are happy and satisfied are better engaged and equate to higher productivity. They work harder and serve the company’s customers better. Using digital signage for employee communications, you can:

Grow corporate culture

Use the digital signage to inform employees of your involvement within the community. Keep everyone updated on your charitable initiatives and display team-building photos to continue to enhance employee morale.

Turn employees into brand advocates

Use digital signage for employee communications to keep your employees engaged with whats going on within your company. By consistently displaying new and compelling content that is fun and informative you will dramatically enhance brand awareness across the organization. This elevation of awareness will spread to your customers.

Identify success

Make your employees feel important by recognizing their contribution to the company. Help improve the performance of employees by recognizing go-getters, tops salespeople and customer testimonials. This promotes natural competition that is fun.

Focus on Your Company Goals

Digital signage for employee communication can be used to reinforce your company vision, mission, key initiatives and endeavors. This way, employees stay well-informed and always connected to your organization. By adding digital signage in your lobby or breakroom, you can spotlight your goals all while ensuring all employees see the see upon entering your building.

Share Important Data

As you capture market intel, you can turn that data into charts for visual representation. For instance, you can display market share, statistics, feedback, etc., to help employees make better and faster decisions.


Why NoviSign?

NoviSign digital signage employees communications provides you with the best way to easily update and manage your entire internal corporate communications strategy.

Because the ease of use is vital, we have designed our platform for ultimate simplicity without sacrificing functionality. Using the included professionally designed digital signage employee communication templates, you can quickly and easily customize the layout, add or delete widgets and media.

Popular drag-and-drop widgets include live scrolling news feeds, HD multi-media slideshows, images, videos, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter streams, weather, website integrations and more. You can easily import slides, PDFs, PNGs, JPEGs and other files to the system then set them to play in a specified sequence.

Aside from the built-in widgets, you can schedule specific slides, message and other announcements to automatically play on specific days and times. This is very useful for adding a warm, personable welcome for specific guests or clients.

Because NoviSign’s digital signage for employee communications is so easy-to-use your front desk receptionist, branch managers, marketing or HR departments will be able to easily and quickly use the system. Full have the industries most comprehensive training portal with step-by-step videos, complete user manual documentation with images, offer webinar training and free support!

Pricing is $20 a month per screen, no contracts. Online studio, scheduling, monitoring and reports dashboards are included. We do offer volume discounts and special enterprise deployments packages that are both cost-effective and scalable.

Try it out today! Sign up for a full 30-day trial. No credit card needed. No contact.

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