2019 NRF Show

Join NoviSign at booth #929 to learn how and why you need to begin using experiential retail digital signage to create memorable shopping experiences while driving revenues! At the booth, you will find a Valentine’s Day themed booth, that showcases the newest in experiential digital signage. The booth will be setup with three POP retail digital signage end-cap product themes that have been specially designed to educate, inform and sell.

What is Experiential Retail Digital Signage?

Experiential retail digital signage focuses around creating remarkable retail experiences that build your brands image while driving news sales and engagement. When deployed, retail digital signage creates an immersive shopping experience that separate’s your brand from the competition.

  • High Retention: 47% of people specifically remember seeing an advertisement on a digital sign
  • Captivates: 2/3 of people report digital signage ads hook their attention over other media
  • Next Generation: 88% of customers agree that retail digital signage competes with online shopping
  • Improves Purchases: 19% rise in impulse purchase sales due to retail digital signage
  • Increase Sales: 8% increase in total retail store sales volume due to digital signage
  • Reduce Times: 35% decrease in check out time due to retail digital signage

Valentine's Day digital signage

Express Your Love with Roses

At the booth, we will have a retail POP digital signage setup that is focused on educating your customer about roses and how to create the perfect bouquet.

By incorporating a digital sign and RFID tags, customers will be able to scan a bouquet of roses to view an educational video on how to create the perfect bouquet of roses.  After the video appears a 50% off coupon discount appears that provides a special price for all items need to create the perfect bouquet of roses!

Digital signage for wine stores

Wine Tasting Digital Signage

There’s nothing like the perfect bottle of wine to compliment your bouquet of roses for valentine’s day! Now finding the picture-perfect wine is a different story. Using a wine tasting POP digital signage end-cap retail stores will be able to educate customers while kindly asking for the sale!

On the screen will be an informational video about a specific brand of wine. A call to action message will also be listed prompting customers to open the wine cellar box to choose a wine to taste. Upon opening the box, the digital sign’s content will change to display a special coupon for the wine.

Retail digital signs

 Hershey’s Kisses Digital Signage

And finally chocolates, the last ingredient and most popular component in creating the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. At this setup will be a retail digital sign with Happy Valentine’s Day message, Hershey’s kisses video playing and a call-to-action banner prompting the customer to hit the red button to view a unique coupon code for Hersey Kisses.

The red button will be built into the POP display. Upon hitting the button, the content on the sign will change to display the ingredients of Hershey’s Kisses and a coupon. Also two buttons will be featured; English and Hebrew. If you select the Hebrew button, the content will be displayed in Hebrew. This multi-language set-up is useful for retail environments that feature multi-lingual customers.

About NoviSign

NoviSign Digital Signage has helped thousands of clients across 5 continents successfully deploy dynamic digital signage solutions. Some of NoviSign clients include Disney, Ikea, Dole, Home Depot, NASA, Nokia, Ferrari, Papa John’s Pizza and more!