Everywhere we go, screens are seen and being used to advertise and share information.

From digital menu boards at restaurants to screens in corporate buildings and breakrooms, displays are used to reach, engage and visually communicate with customers, patients, employees and patrons.

But how do we get these messages to the screen? It’s called digital signage!

Welcome to NoviSign

NoviSign lets you turn any TV into a digital sign.

Using NoviSign cloud-based digital signage software, you can create the perfect layout of content and send it to your screens. To make designing content easy, we include a complete library of over 200 stunning professional templates that you can choose from and customize.

The Templates Library

Simply find the digital signage template of your choice and begin customizing. Choose from digital menu templates, corporate communications, medical, schools, retail stores, hospitality and more. All templates can be edited and tweaked to your exact needs or you can simply upload your own slides, PDFs, videos and media.

Easy-to-Use Drag & Drop Widgets

Choose from the 20+ drag-and-widgets to set up and design your content. All of the widgets are included for free and 100% customizable:

  • Add media slideshows with images and videos
  • Includes scrolling tickers, news feeds and text
  • Get social with live Instagram and Twitter feeds
  • Add motion with YouTube videos, Ustream feeds & Google Slides
  • Share current and upcoming local weather forecasts

In addition, NoviSign comes with an entire suite of next-level capabilities that are all included for free with every license:

Easily add:

  • Live TV feeds
  • Set up touch screen kiosks and video walls
  • Display KPI Reports and Metric Dashboards
  • Create IoT, RFID and Barcode signage solutions
  • Integrate Outlook Calendar Feeds and other 3rd party data integrations

Schedule Your Content to Play

From setting basic slide show rotation times to listing recurring schedules, you can do it all with NoviSign! Create playlists of content that are set to automatically play at specific times, set dayparting schedules or set one-time messages to play and expire.

Monitor and Track Your Screens

For monitoring and analytics, NoviSign’s comes with a complete digital signage dashboard that allows you to view the status of your entire network of screens, track connectivity and playlist status and run detailed proof-of-play reports. This tool makes the process of monitoring your screens straightforward and efficient.

Enterprise Level Capabilities

NoviSign natively supports a wide variety of admin configuration options giving you that extra level of control and security. Create new users and privileges, set access control levels and manage your network using the all-in management console for enterprise-level deployments.

Easy as 1,2,3

All that you need to get started is your computer and NoviSign! For TVs you can use and size and brand. When it comes to media players, NoviSign runs on any Android, Chrome or Windows devices (also, Samsung Tizen TVs). The NoviSign app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store or Chrome Web Store.

Try out NoviSign today, free for 30-days! No credit card is needed.

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