The simplest answer would be – any mean of content presentation that can be changed and managed by any size of business and serve as a platform for communication with its customers – it can vary from a printed ad, newspaper ad, brochures spread in the neighborhood, a TV commercial, and up to social networks (Facebook, Twitter, 4Square, Yelp, etc.) and digital screen/tablet.

Since we are, after all, at the beginning of the 21th century, we’ll disregard the physical aspects of printed ads and the well-known (and so expensive) commercials on TV. The digital signage options for any time of business are endless, as long as the synergy is professionally implemented combining the well-known and used Social Networks that every business uses with the online dynamic on premises broadcast!

It is actually simpler than it sounds when we use all these complicated words… All the business needs to do is to set up screens on his premises. It can be regular screens + Android or Windows player or simply a tablet/mega tablet. Using NoviSign’s Player Software and NoviSign’s Clout Based Content Management System, the business owner/manager can broadcast to each screen separate content, group screens, divide to separate areas/time slots to different users, grant permission, add interactive content (which users can interact using their own smartphone as controller) and combine the existing social networks into this local, visible to all platform. The business clients and visitors can simply interact and engage with the screens and get immediate feedback (New ‘Like’!!! – come to us to apply your coupon; The mayor of xxx just entered the room!; Please vote for your favorite beer; Play interactive game and the winner gets free beer. The possibilities are literally endless…).

Tablet Digital Signage SupermarketDoes this sound too good to be true? Well, with NoviSign, this is reality in production! Digital signage is here.

What’s next?

  • Ability to count the number of people looking at the screen (similar to ‘click count’ or rating measurement)
  • Ability to ‘sell’ screen’s ‘real estate’ to external publishers
  • Ability to set up external campaign by buying ‘air time’ on available screens in a given radios (map based)
  • Ability to exchange and share time between different businesses, creating combined offerings (buy a coffee table from me, get a coffee set from the store next door)