The advertising system is a system which allows a partner to create advertising channels for his users.
An advertising channel is built of one or more groups of users and one or more advertisers.
Each advertiser in a channel has a defined time duration in which his creatives (the building blocks of every playlist) from his chosen playlist will be played on the screens of the group users within that channel. The advertiser’s creatives will be played in between the creatives of the group users.

By building advertising channels, users can advertise at other users’ premises. This way, part of your users (the group members) can earn money from other users (advertising users) by letting them advertise on their screens. And the other users (advertising users) can make money from advertisement they do.

Digital Signage Advertising System Example: A channel which has 2 advertisers: Advertiser A and Advertiser B. There is one group and Alex is a member of that group. Advertiser A has a selected playlist combined of 2 creatives, each one is 1 minute length. Advertiser B has a selected playlist combined of 4 creatives, each one is 30 seconds length. Alex is running on his screens a playlist which is combined of 8 creatives of 1 minute duration each.
The duration given to each advertiser (can variate, of course) is 10 minutes, while the duration given to Alex’s group is 20 minutes [that means the ratio here will be 1 (Advertiser A):1 (Advertiser A): 2 (Alex’s group)].
This is what Alex is going to see on his screens:
Alex’s creative 1 (1 minute) -> Advertiser A’s creative 1 (1 minute) -> Alex’s creative 2 (1 minute) -> Advertiser B’s creative 1 (30 seconds) -> Advertiser B’s creative 2 (30 seconds) -> Alex’s creative 3 (1 minute) -> Advertiser A’s creative 2 (1 minute) -> Alex’s creative 4 (1 minute) -> Advertiser B’s creative 3 (30 seconds) -> Advertiser B’s creative 4 (30 seconds) -> Alex’s creative 5 (1 minute) -> Advertiser A’s creative 3 (1 minute) …

When accessing the console management system, you have a “Advertising” button. Once you click it, you’re in the advertising system. The advertising system is combined of 3 tabs: Advertisers, Groups and Channels. In the Advertisers tab, you can create and manage the advertisers and select their chosen playlist. In the Groups tab, you can create and manage the groups and assign users to them. In the Channels tab, you can create and manage the channels. As mentioned above, a channel is combined from one or more advertiser and from one or more group.
You must set the duration for each advertiser and for each group in the channel. The duration is expressed in minutes, but the time frame for advertisers in comparison to the group users is basically a ratio. That means, if you assign 1 minute to advertiser A, 1 minute to advertiser B and 4 minutes to the group – it is the same like assigning 3 minutes to advertiser A, 3 minutes to advertiser B and 12 minutes to the group, since it is the same ratio (1:1:4).

Another important setting is the breakpoint interval which you set to the channel. It means: after how many minutes to cut the creative (the advertiser’s creative and the group user’s creative as well). It is meant to prevent a case of long creatives.
For example, if you set the breakpoint interval to 3 (minutes) and you have a creative of 4 minutes, then this creative will always be stopped and cut after playing for 3 minutes and the last minute of it will never be played.

If you like to watch the video tutorial for this system, please click here.

Please notice that the advertising system works only when the player is Android or Windows (it won’t work on the old Air app players).

Good luck with the advertising!