We don’t like to think of ourselves as captive audience… We like to believe we always have a choice. This is why we have dozens of TV channels (Although most of us really watch 3-4 only on regular basis). When we really think about it, we are captive audience in so many occasions. Even when we drive our car, we read all the read the road side ads. If we weren’t probably this multi-million dollars business would have faded away. So why do we look? Simply because it is there … we have nothing better to do (Driving on the freeway can be quite boring) and maybe also because we are afraid we’ll miss something.

There are many other examples in which we become Captive audience, most of these locations fit for Digital Signage as captive audience naturally becomes digital signage consumer, for all the reasons stated above. Any type of waiting room: Doctors, Dentists, Train and Bus stations, Bank queue, Travel agency, Dining room line and so on and on …

Digital Signage in it modern form is easy to implement, flexible and dynamic, does not require special hardware, technicians or even special experts as it used to be in just in the very near past, and most of all – it is cost effective and demonstrate immediate Return On Investment (ROI). Any Business or public venue that involves queue or waiting area must consider Digital Signage solution.

Using Digital signage is not only for direct promotion of sales, it can be used for strengthening the brand, general information, and even for amusement or entertainment. The business can collaborate with other businesses and promote complements that will bring the clients additional value.

Digital signage is the natural solution for captive audience, and the benefit is clear for both customer and business.