People in my age surely remember… we decided to buy a new poster for our room. The poster had so much significance, it was a reflection of our soul, our complex yet cool personality and we simply had to choose the right one!

Today’s Poster can easily become Digital! A teenager, these days, can pick several Posters and present them, according to his mood, his current view on life (and lord knows this changes so much, so fast, when you are a teenager). The Digital Poster is indeed slightly heavier than the paper poster, requires network and electricity (but everything is connected these days, so that’s not a real problem), but the advantages are clear – flexible, dynamic way to create and change the atmosphere and the mood in the room, living room, theater hall, bar or even office space!

Android based digital posters are the most popular, usually the screens are less expensive (the Android OS is free of charge, that itself is an advantage), the use of digital signage software, such as NoviSign’s platform that is required to change the content on the Digital Poster is simple-to-use, especially for the younger generation that was born and raised with smart apps of this sort. Some artists already gained expertise in creating an artistic set up for the screen to look and feel like a real poster or a wall picture.

Digital poster
So, if you have a space that you want to design to reflect the spirit of your personality, mood, political, artistic, or any other view of life – Digital Poster is the tool for you!

Teenagers’ room might be the obvious choice, but surely not only. Any venue that requires design, and wishes to stay dynamic, relevant at all times and ever changing can be a great example for using Digital Posters.