Bookstores are not like any other business. Even now, during the electronic era we are living in, the book stores are an island of culture, slow and quiet shopping, laid back experience and a lot of interactions, between the customers and the shop workers and the between the customers themselves. There is always a small scenery in a bookstore, especially the good ones.

But the technology didn’t pass through the Book Business and left its impression on this area as well. I’m not talking only about the e-Books we are all familiar with. This is a great contribution to the reading culture, although, as mentioned people still like to experience the physical presence in the bookstores (yes, yes, before Covid-19, if one still remembers there was a time like that).

Digital signage for bookstore

Digital Signage is becoming more and more popular in bookstores, the social nature of bookstores, allows the bookstore/chain management to use this simple, yet so effective tool to communicate with the readers. The Digital Signage, and its dynamic nature, allows the marketing team to create a buzz around events in the store, about promotion on business level (buy 2, get the 3rd in 50%), but also promotion of a famous writer with his new book, or a young writer, publishing the first edition of a promising book.

Digital Signage is also heavily connected to the social network, and by harnessing these capabilities the bookstore can present “real people”, serving as Critics, sharing their view on the latest best sellers.

One of the most important advantages of Bookstores Digital Signage is that is continues to work, even after formal business hours… As most of the bookstores are located in public areas, main streets, malls, commercial centers and such, these places are packed with people even after the shops are closed (bars, restaurants, movies, I still remember…), and this means the digital signage is the best tool to make sure the visibility of the book store offering continues to make its impact.