Book store digital signage
Book Stores is one of those businesses that “Experts” thought would disappear from the world with the uprising of the immediate technologies and new platforms. But… Well… it didn’t happen. People still like to go into Bookstores, touch the merchandise, and even, would you believe it? Buy new physical books.

Books are a great experience, and mankind is not yet ready to let go off the books for other options such as reading online books, listening to books, or even leave the reading for Netflix watching. It seems like the books in the traditional format are here to stay alongside the other mentioned technologies.

Digital Signage for Book stores is a natural fit. Book Stores must keep communication with their customers and show them immediate information such as special prices, sales, sellers and additional “Obvious” (yet important) information.

How can bookstore digital signage be used?

Digital Signage for book stores can add a real and tangible added value and bring the “books to life” in the most exciting ways by allowing the customers to “Connect” to the books within their interest.

Winning ways use book store digital signage include:

  • Welcome customers and promote new book titles
  • Include upcoming book store promotions and sales
  • Add biographies of featured authors
  • Store hours and customer information
  • Feature exclusive book club offerings and loyalty program

A communications vehicle

If customers don’t know, they won’t purchase! Using digital signage, bookstores can add a short video and review of a new book’s plot. Another exciting way to use the signage is by including video biographies and interviews of the author.

Yes, you will be able to see all this content on the web, but not in the very same minute you entered the bookstore to buy a book for your mother’s birthday. Timing is everything, and the right timing, with the right content in the book store, can support the shopping experience and increase sales.

Book stores are usually located at malls or other commercial areas that are mostly crowded even when the stores are closed. Movies, Restaurants, and bars – remember them? They are coming back! Hold tight a while longer – are located in these areas, and people walk by the book stores. An effective Digital Signage can continue “working” for the book store even after the business hours, allowing the passing by the audience to consume information about the store and the offerings.

Bookstore owners were smart enough to add additional revenue generators such as box games, auxiliaries, video games and so on. These revenue generators can also be promoted directly by the book shops.

Digital Signage for Bookstores is a must. Didn’t you read the book?