Marijuana dispensary digital signage

Upgrade your marijuana’s dispensaries signage with engaging digital signage!

Medical Marijuana digital signage is a modern and efficient way to promote better and advertise your products, sales and brand. From making on-the-fly price edits to changing your daily advertisements, digital signage for medical marijuana dispensaries is the ultimate tool for in-store marketing.

Use marijuana dispensary digital signage to:

  • Medical marijuana digital menu boards
  • Add media-slideshows, HD images and videos
  • Upsell new edibles or strains
  • Share information on concentrates
  • Encourage impulse buys with a daily sale
  • Promote high-margin items
  • Improve branding and visual appeal of the store

Marijuana Dispensary Digital Menu Boards

Use medical marijuana digital menu boards to display all of your items in a clean neatly fashion. Breakdown the menu by categories and digitally list your prices out by weight, product type or category. Cannabis menu boards can also be used to highlight new flower sales, information on concentrates and ingestables.

With medical marijuana dispensary, digital menu boards to display:

  • Media shows of HD images, YouTube and videos
  • Add custom scrolling text highlighting sales
  • Special product packages and deals
  • Grid or chart style pricing tables

When you need to make a change to your marijuana menu board simply login to the software from your computer. Within seconds the sign’s information will be updated! This makes changing your marijuana dispensary digital menu boards easy and efficient.

Improve Sales

Cannabis Dispensary Digital Signage can be used as a form of in-store advertising. Add a section to the screen titled “New Products” or “New Specials.” In this area of the marijuana dispensary digital sign, you can:

  • Spotlight information on new products
  • Add a series of short video clips on new products
  • Show daily, weekly or holiday related promotions
  • Provide details about upcoming new products

With Cannabis digital signage you can even pre-schedule specific adds or specials to display on specific dates, times and set recurring playtimes. This could be useful if you have special happy hours or want to play specific ads for a special occasion like 420.

Product Information

Use digital signage for marijuana dispensary to educate and inform your customers. By sharing product knowledge, you will build trust and grow customer loyalty! From sharing how a strain was grown to introducing a new line of edibles you can use marijuana dispensary digital signage to consistently reach and better communicate with clients.

Also, you can use cannabis dispensary digital signage to list FAQ. By listing answers to common on-demand questions, you can decrease wait lines thus improving the customer shopping experience

Social Media and Customer Loyalty Programs

Use digital signage for marijuana dispensaries to drive social site interaction. Connect and stream your Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages. Display your Facebook galleries, posts the contain specific #’s and more!

Another way to use marijuana dispensary digital signage is to promote your customer loyalty programs. Add slides, ads or videos that share information on your program, the benefits and how the customer can sign up.

About NoviSign

NoviSign provides an all-in-one easy-to-use digital signage software solution the is cloud-based and affordable. Using the included customizable templates, you can quickly design digital menu boards, advertising displays, social media screens or any other form layout.

Using the drag-and-drop widgets, you can add:

  • Media slideshows
  • HD images and videos
  • YouTube
  • Custom Backgrounds and Colors
  • Scrolling Text
  • Local News Feeds
  • Weather Forecast
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Games
  • Polls
  • Virtual Queue
  • Website Integrations


With NoviSign you can use install our free app onto any Android TV, Chromebit, Android Media Player, Chromebox or Windows Media Player.

Once installed open the app and log into to your account.

Pricing for NoviSign is $20 a month per screen.

This price includes: