DDS is a newly introduced term in the Digital Signage business, and it means Dynamic Digital Signage. Only one word away from traditional digital signage, this one word is actually a change in concept.

Digital Signage is not only entering new venues and making its way into SMBs (small and medium businesses), a phenomenon that seemed like fantasy less than a decade ago, it is also approximating real time! And this is exactly where dynamic comes into the picture. It is not enough to create professional and fancy-looking campaigns and to broadcast them. In an ever-changing world, where every child with a smartphone is as up-to-date as any serious business leader, broadcast campaigns must be ‘living entities’ and not just screen savers.

Traditional digital signage vendors have been doing a great job. You can see amazing work. You can see a bird beginning to fly on one screen and landing on a branch on another screen, making it all look so natural and beautiful. But have you tried to add or change something? You will need to ‘recompile’ the entire video and re-broadcast it. Have you tried to change the pricing in retail on traditional digital signage?

The DDS, a Dynamic Digital Signage, concept is about to change exactly that! PBase-based digital signage, together with powerful SaaS-based digital signage editors enable everyone, from huge corporations to SMBs to implement campaigns and change them in a matter of minutes. The dynamic nature of the digital signage concept is harnessing the Internet and bringing it into the actual, physical world. We can now actually ensure our messages are updated and fit clients’ needs and are not just pleasantries that have lost their relevancy…

DDS, Dynamic Digital Signage – don’t stagnate, keep moving!