Have you ever seen a corkboard that was filled and outdated? Or are you tired of reading dry erase boards that are impossible to read due to sloppy handwriting?

Well, this is where digital message boards can help you! A digital message center is a new and modern way to improve communication with your customers, guests and employees. Continue reading to learn how you can neatly display your communications digitally on any TV.

  • Distribute any mix of news, notifications, updates and information
  • Include local area traffic alerts, website feeds, and daily event schedules
  • Never again print out a sign or manually write out your company updates
  • Greet visitors and communicate with your employees

What and How Do Digital Message Boards Work?

Let’s first define what a digital message board is. Simply put, it is a TV displaying your communications, slideshows, tickets and other forms of media and information. Now creating your content and getting them on to the TV is another story and that is how we can help you!

What are the benefits of digital bulletin boards?

A digital bulletin board is television that broadcasts your public statements and relevant data to your audience. One of the primary differences between a digital bulletin board and a traditional dry erase board is the degree of flexibility.

Along with the conventional forms of notices, you can include live social media feeds from your Twitter and Instagram feeds, Google Drive and Dropbox files, emergency alerts and real-time news feed.

The advantages of digital message displays include:

  • Pre-set specific slides and templates to play on particular days and time
  • Remotely update and manage from your laptop or computer
  • Make updates to a single digital message board or multiple
  • Set up sub-user accounts to streamline content management

Type of Information I can Show Using Digital Message Boards

Because it is digital, you have complete flexibility over what you display on your digital message board. You can use digital message displays to broadcast your most important messages, from critical daily corporate communications to sharing front-end customer-related notifications.

  • Share media slide shows of announcements and updates
  • Include welcome videos that rotate through
  • Add scrolling news tickers and custom text feeds
  • Integrate metrics, charts, KPIs and other data
  • List facility digital directories with maps

How Does it Work?

To set up a Digital Message Board, you will need:

  • TV: any size, any brand
  • Digital signage media player: plays your information on the TV
  • Digital signage software: creates and manages the content you are playing on the message board

Using your computer and a digital signage software platform like NoviSign, you will easily design your content. You can set up any combination of zones playing different forms of media, text and live data.

About NoviSign

At NoviSign, we specialize in helping you get your messages playing on any TV! Using our cloud-based digital signage software, you can remotely create, edit and manage content displayed on any TV. Using our customizable digital signage templates, you can easily set up the perfect template that displays your messages and media.

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