Digital signage for military facilities

Digital Signage for Military Facilities

When deployed, military facility digital signage serves as a vital communication tool for keeping military personnel informed.  Digital Signage for Military Bases can be utilized to broadcast multiple forms of information; training videos and procedures, emergency messaging, weather forecasts, motivational quotes, base news and more.

Use digital signage for your base to unify communications across your facility. Military digital signage serves as a digital platform to notify staff of vital meetings and events, relevant information and provide security bulletins. You can use digital signage for military to broadcast memos and news, important announcements and wayfinding information.

The Power of Digital Signage for Military Facilities

Digital signage for military can be used to display an unlimited combination of messaging and media. When deployed digital signage will increase base productivity due to the way it will streamline communications. From any computer, at any time you will be able to remotely update your messaging then push out any number of updates. Let’s take a look at multiple ways digital signage for military can be used:

  • Digital Directories: add a directory with maps and staff listings to improve facility wayfinding.
  • Events and schedules: share training events, scheduled military activities and office duties
  • Updates and news – add class times, social happenings and scrolling text of base news
  • Alerts – share critical information feeds via custom RSS ticker feeds
  • Appreciation – recognize excellence by spotlighting service members
  • Local activities – share lists of local attractions and festivals

 NoviSign for Military Digital Signage

Use NoviSigns web-based digital signage for military facilities to create quickly, edit and manage all of your screen media and messaging.

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