Digital information boards

What are Digital Information Boards?

Many times the phrase digital information board is used to describe a TV that is setup to display information, announcements and important updates. With that being said, how do we get that content on to the digital information board? Well, it starts first with digital signage software, a TV and a digital signage player

What can I display on a digital information board?

When it comes down to it, the sky’s the limit. From a basic slideshow that rotates through to setting up various zones playing content simultaneously, you can customize the layout of the screen to feature anything!

  • Share company messages and daily communications
  • Welcome employees, customers and guests
  • Incorporate a digital directory with facility wayfinding maps
  • List daily meeting times and company schedules
  • Features day’s without an accident and safety-related protocols
  • Spotlight memos from the CEO and upper management
  • Recognize top-performing employee, birthdays and work anniversaries
  • Add HR updates and required new training materials

Where can I use digital information boards?

Start with identifying your audience. Who do you want to communicate with using the digital boards? Where does this audience congregate? Your facility’s entrance, clock-in area, breakroom and company cafeteria are all examples of high-traffic locations that employees spend time. These would all be locations in which you could install a digital information board. 

When it comes to the type of TV, you can use any brand TV and size. If you’re looking to use a “Smart TV”, we recommend Android TVs due to the ease of software app installation. From a size standpoint, we recommend going with the largest size that you can fit in the space. This will maximize viewability while increasing the chances of your messages being seen.

How do I create the digital information board content?

To setup, your digital boards content, you will need a cloud-based digital signage software. Digital signage software is a web-browser application that you can access from any computer to design and manage your screen’s information. All the information you design can be wirelessly sent to your TVs. Within minutes you push out new updates to your screens!

About NoviSign

NoviSign’s cloud software is an easy to use interface that makes the process of setting up your media efficient and fast. Included with the software is a complete library of over 200+ customizable digital signage templates. Each template comes with pre-setup zones allowing you to insert your images quickly, slideshows, videos and other media.

In addition to creating your content with NoviSign, you can create playlists. A playlist is a series of templates that you can set to play on each. 

From controlling how long each slide plays to prescheduling templates to play on specific days and time, you have complete control over when each template or slide plays!

Pricing for NoviSign is only $20 a month per screen and it runs on Android, Chrome OS and Windows.

You can try NoviSign out free for 30-days!

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