Digital signage for museums

Digital signage for museums is one of today’s best and most effective ways to reach and communicate with your guests. From sharing information about new exhibits to listing the day’s events museum digital signage is your gateway to improving experiences while streamlining the way you share information.

Popular ways digital signage for museums can be used include:

  • Add museum wayfinding maps and guides
  • Highlight facility amenities and dining options
  • Promote upcoming new exhibits
  • Encourage donations and corporate giving
  • Advertise membership programs

Plan Your Visit

Using digital signage for museums, you can feature any number messages and media all on one screen. Slideshows, scrolling tickers, HD videos, interactive polls and social media feeds are all examples of media that your feature on your museums digital signage. Strategically museum digital signage screens in high traffic areas of your museum to send targeted location-relevant information. This enables you to easily broadcast messaging that is useful and engaging for your visitors.

Welcome your guests with digital signage for museums. Share hours of operation, pricing and general museum information. In addition, you can use museum digital signage to better tell your museums story.

  • Add digital screens to exhibit areas with engaging HD image slideshows and images
  • Incorporate scrolling feeds of educational information about the exhibit
  • Get interactive with a touchscreen and add multiple pages of engaging content
  • Welcome groups of visitors and offer self guided-tour information

Restaurants and Stores

You can also use museum digital signage for your gift shop and restaurant. Simply install your screens and start making your content:

  • Digitally display your menu using digital menu boards
  • Promote gift and memorabilia products
  • Upsell customizable apparel
  • Spotlight new collectible products
  • Advertise new sales and BOGO deals

Easy-to-Use Digital Signage for Museums

From any computer at any time you will be able to make on the fly changes to content and even preschedule information to play on specific dates/times. You can either create your content from scratch or customize the included templates. Using the included drag-and-drop widgets, you can create the perfect layout for your digital signage for museums:

  • Custom text and RSS feeds
  • Media slideshows: images, videos, text, PowerPoint slides
  • Social media streams: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Interactive polls and virtual queue
  • Website integrations and feeds

About NoviSign Digital Signage

NoviSign offers an easy-to-use cloud-based digital signage software that run’s on Chrome OS, Android and Windows media players. All for only $20 a month per screen you will receive:

  • Online design Studio with over 20+ widgets and apps
  • Complete library of customizable digital signage templates
  • Advanced playlist creator with scheduling capabilities
  • Remote monitoring dashboard for knowing player status
  • No contracts and no set-up free

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