Digital signage requirements

What are my digital signage requirements?

For digital signage to be effective, you need to clearly understand what your goals are using digital signage. By understanding your goals and what your looking to accomplish you will have a clear path to creating engaging content while knowing the best location to install digital signage. 

To get started, you need to outline:

  1. What are the visual communication goals that you want to accomplish using digital signage?
  2. Who is the target audience that will enable you to reach your goals?
  3. Where are you going to install the screens?  

What do you want to use digital signage for?

In other words, what do you want to accomplish using digital signage? 

Examples could be

  • Increase product sales while improving visibility of upcoming sales
  • Improve the way you communicate with employees 
  • Enhance guest experiences for your hotel
  • Make it easier for visitors to find offices or conference rooms

When outlining your goals, keep it simple. Focus on the items that are important to your business.

Viewing Audience

Once you know what you’re looking to accomplish, then you need to outline the audience that needs to see the information to reach your goals. 


  • For improving company communication, the target audience would be your employees
  • To increase sales or experiences, the target audience would be your customers and patrons
  • To improve facility wayfinding, the target audience would be new visitors and employees

Finding The Perfect Location for Your Screens

Where you install the screens is vital to the success of your system. By placing the screens in high traffic areas of your target viewing audience, you will maximize the visibility of your content. Breakrooms, lobbies, workplace areas, entrances, and waiting areas are all examples of high traffic locations.


  • You’re looking to share school news with parents and students = screens in entrances and hallways would best reach your audience
  • You’re looking to share work updates across the office = displays in breakrooms and clock-in areas would reach all employees throughout the day
  • You’re looking to improve patient experiences at your clinic = screens in the waiting room would reach patients with clinic notifications while they are waiting for the appointment

Site Survey

A digital signage site survey will help you determine where exactly would be the best place to install the screens. The site survey will give you an in-depth understanding of where exactly you can install the screens.

Things to look for

  • Where exactly do the people assemble and pass by in that area?
  • Is there anything in the way that would prohibit you from installing a screen?
  • Can the screens be installed at eye-level?
  • Is there any direct sunlight on the screens that could create a glare or viewing distraction?
  • Is there a power outlet in the area?

Something to also consider is the orientation of the screen. Since all TVs are in landscape, mounting the TV in portrait orientation may help draw extra attention due to the different orientation that is installed in.


By sitting down and outlining your goals, you will gain a clear vision of what you’re looking to accomplish using digital signage. This will give you a clear direction of what you need to display on the screen while making it easier for you to determine the best location to install digital signage screens. 

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