We already got used to see digital signage implemented in growing areas and venues of our modern life. From Education establishments (Kinder Gardens, schools, colleges and universities), through the different commercial and public areas (Transportation, Public venues, Hospitals, Airports and banks) to even the smallest businesses like bars, coffee shops and restaurants. The Rapid changes the Digital Signage industry is going through, Hardware costs (Screens and players) are dropping, Wi-Fi or wire line internet is available almost anywhere, and most of all the awareness of the power and added value of Digital Signage had ‘sunk’ into the DNA and awareness of business managers.

So far so good … but what is the connection to the sentence in the headline? What is the connection between Digital Signage and our homes?

Let us start with Building offices. I believe the value of Digital Signage in the Lobby of building office is quite clear. the Building management can present messages, some adds can be placed by the firms and corporate in the building. The building management can take it one step further and provide another value to the building residents – let external businesses publish adds on the office building Digital signage. It can be restaurants, shops, and any other type of service in the immediate surroundings of the office building. By taking advantage of digital signage capabilities, Both sides (the Building management ad business in the area) can benefit, and most of all the potential customers.

Let us go back home… Whatever fits Office building may as well fit a residential building! Take a typical neighborhood in any large city. Among the buildings, you’ll always find the local commercial area. The Business owners in the commercial area are aiming for the people in the neighborhood as their potential customers. What are options these business owners to promote themselves to these potential customers? and what would be the best?

  • Window messaging – efficient, but only to the nearby pedestrians
  • Street Sign – Expensive, not dynamic
  • Flyers, bronchus – Non efficient and nagging
  • location based adds to cells – Nagging, invading privacy, can cause the opposite effect
  • Local News Paper ads – Who reads this?
  • Digital Signage, located at building lobbies in the neighborhood – Efficient, non intrusive, Dynamic, cost effective

I made easier for you … I marked the right answer! Digital Signage, if wisely spread in residential areas can bring value to the businesses and the potential customers. As a byproduct, the buildings get a digital Signage for their internal use. Not a bad deal if you ask me.

So maybe not exactly ‘to the home’, but digital Signage is certainly on the way to our neighborhoods.